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Do these product issues sound familiar to you?

Turning a good idea into a good product is a painstaking labor of love - or at least that’s the way it’s sold to inventors and creators all over the world. But you, you’re different! You can build it faster, cheaper, stronger, and better. Until. . . for some reason. . . it’s not working.

It’s hard to tell what’s not working, but it certainly feels like you’re stuck. You’re at the end of your budget, the product isn’t finished, and you’re looking around for more investment. Something’s not working and you’re not sure what it is.

Product Rescue will help you find out exactly why you're stuck and what to do about it now so your team can get back to making progress ASAP.

Hey Sean! You made more impact in our product business than anyone. We were stuck on the 'hamster wheel' of product development (as you call it). We were shipping feature after feature hoping that it would turn into customers. As you showed us, it's Market first then Product! With your help, we were able to land our first paying customers and now we're on a roll. Thanks Sean!

Dominick Dougherty

Why is my product struggling?

There are lots of reasons why a product goes sideways. Most of them have to do with an undeveloped product strategy that misses the mark in a few key ways:

If you feel like your product business is struggling and you want to know why, this service is for you.


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It could be an issue with product-market fit…

Or you could be lacking customer data…

Your product team could be underdeveloped…

Or your product development process might be broken…

What can I do to solve these problems?

You're not alone. Countless product businesses struggle with these challenges. The good news is we've got your back with an array of options to address your product company's specific problem:

Market Analysis

With a thorough market analysis, we'll identify your target market criteria, the problems experienced within your target market, who you are competing against (competitive analysis), examples of customer activity and what you can do today to set your product up for success.

Sean - With your market analysis our team was equipped with a go-to-market strategy that helps us keep our development costs down while maximizing our potential for success. We ripped out countless feature requests and integrations that would have added zero value to our prospective customers because of the valueable insight provided by your market analysis. You've saved our team lots of time and money. Our path forward is now crystal clear. Thanks!

Bill Evans

Capture the Voice of the Customer

We will uncover your customer's voice in their own words. Through a combination of qualitative (categories) and quantitative (volume) analysis, we will gather the data your product team needs to address all of your customer's concerns. Make your customer's fall in love with your product all over again by capturing their voice and translating it into an action plan.

Hey Sean - Our customer had an obvious need to replace their internal product, but they didn't know where to start when it came to addressing their internal customer needs. Your help with capturing the voice of the customer was invaluable. The report you delievered provided incredible insight into the needs of the customer. You made the product selection process easy for us and our customers are happier than ever with the results! Thanks a ton! Jason.

Jason Brewer

Product Development Review

We will evaluate your entire product development process. Missing processes will be installed and inefficient processes will be optimized. Once complete, your team will be able to effeciently and effectively convert customer needs to new product functionality.

Sean! We knew we needed help, but had no idea just how big of an impact your review of our product development process would be. We felt like we were going crazy and you helped us understand why. With the changes you recommended, we were able to accurately measure the strenght of our product's value proposition once and for all. Now we get back to solving customer problems. Thanks for your help!

Heidi Grunwald

Team Development

Our team development workshop will get everyone on the same page rallying around a developed set of priorities. Allow everyone on your team to share their ideas about where you can stand to improve. Walk out of the session with a clear objective moving forward that will reduce confusion and improve clarity aroundt the mission of achieving product success for your company.

Hey Sean, the team development workshop you ran for us was some of the best time and money we've spent on our product business to date. We went into the workshop with lots of questions and walked out with tons of answers and a renewed sense of direction to where we wan to go. We can't thank you enough for the help!

Rachel Cox

Get Started with Product Rescue

Product Rescue with Sean from NxtStep can help resuscitate almost any product out there. You could spend time trying to figure it out on your own, or you can outsource the analysis work and have our team of experts quickly and skillfully identify what’s holding your product back and get you on the right track to success.

Part of being in business is figuring out what to do when problems present themselves. Bringing a product back from the brink of disaster is a great time to start looking for outside help. We’d love to help rescue your product!


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